Automate Your Work

Operating a high growth company isn't easy. We believe there is a formula for how successful companies hyper focus their teams on their customers.  Apply your core teams on the work most important to your customer’s experience.  Codify and automate the rest.

How it works

Machine empowers your team by automating your SaaS application stack to get work done.

Connect your SaaS Applications

Plug-in the SaaS applications already being used by your teams.

Codify your Workflow

Easily drop-in workflows to automate tasks your team is doing manually.

Automate your Work

Trigger it, or schedule it as needed. Easily string together workflows and automate the execution of workflows based off dependencies. Have work that is completed on a specific cycle?  Set it up in Machine and relax knowing that your business process is now codified on Machine. The open API system will allow you to seamlessly connect Machine into your applications.

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